My Sunday Homily

Publié le 23 Février 2019

The Christian faith is closely related to the Cross and the resurrection of the Lord. A faith that does not get along with the prayer that the Lord has taught us is no longer a Christian faith, but a savage faith that recognizes Jesus as a man or an envoy of the Father, at the same time disassociates to his command of love that expresses itself better in forgiveness. The life of a person of faith will always seek a reason from the Lord for his discernments. Since the life is totally entrusted to the Lord, for that he or she will seek the divine instruction for any further actions. Thus this person of faith is associated to the new Adam, a person of Spirit, rather than the old Adam, a person of flesh.

If the Lord asks us to be merciful, it is not because the other deserves. First reading can be sited as a good example of the person who doesn’t merit it, like King Saul who was searching David to kill him. It essentially means, if we refuse to be merciful and to forgive our enemies, it is not worthy of us  as the children of God who act according to the divine will. The worldly justice may reclaim the life of Saul, by referring as God has handed over our enemy into our hand. Here, it is not the question of forgiveness, but the question of our own dignity, a recognition of our origin, as the children of God. I won’t do harm even to my enemy, because  in him, I see the anointed one of God. If there is someone who can claim the justice, is God himself. Saint John in his gospel told us, 'God so loved the world, that He has sent His only begotten Son, not to judge us, but by Him that the world be saved. God wants to save, not only the Christians who believe in his Son, but all the men of the world, they are also the children of Abraham, the Lord told us. Salvation is universally accorded in the death and the resurrection of the Lord.

We must recognize that we live in a world where modern man has lost the sense of God. It is important that we realise that our very presence in this world is already a gift that God wants to offer to the world. If we are gathered here for a Sunday celebration, it because God has invited us to nourish us through the Word of God and particularly through the Eucharist, so that through our witnessing life, we may remain as the true sign of divine love and forgiveness. Created in the image and likeness of God, this gathering of the people of God in every dominical celebrations becomes a place where we are transformed and given with others an inexhaustible hope, a hope that God wishes for the whole creation. We are not here not only to feed ourselves with spiritual graces, but to be sent as missionaries to this world, as the light and salt of the earth.

If Jesus imposes on us a high requirement to be like His Father, it is because He believes that it is possible for us, in our own humanity to represent God. He wishes that His love and forgiveness reaches to every corner of this world. Through our communion with this God who loves us and through our charitable commitments, God wishes to sanctify us and through us, every individual we encounter daily. It is in this sense of divinity that Jesus requires us to act as His Father. In our thought and in our actions, may God alone be our model and be nourished by this divine love. Let us remember today’s gospel message throughout the week, and live it daily by loving, by forgiving, by doing good and most importantly by praying, union with the Father.

May this Eucharist be for us a sign of life and nourish us, so that we may be generous as our Master, be sent as messengers of this loving God, filled with divine love and mercy. Amen.

Have a wonderful Sunday.



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