1st of April (English)

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Gospel text

(Jn 4,43-54): 

Jesus left for Galilee. Jesus himself said that no prophet is recognized in his own country. Yet the Galileans welcomed him when He arrived, because of all the things He had done in Jerusalem during the Festival and which they had seen. For they, too, had gone to the feast. Jesus went back to Cana of Galilee where He had changed the water into wine. 

At Ca­per­naum there was an official whose son was ill, and when he heard that Jesus had come from Judea to Galilee, he went and asked him to come and heal his son, for he was at the point of death. Jesus said, «Unless you see signs and won­ders, you will not believe!». The official said, «Sir, come down before my child dies». And Jesus replied, «Go, your son is living».

The man had faith in the word that Jesus spoke to him and went his way. He was already going down the hilly road when his servants met him with this news, «Your son has recovered!». So he asked them at what hour the child had begun to recover and they said to him, «The fever left him yesterday in the afternoon about one o'clock». And the father realized that it was the time when Jesus told him, «Your son is living». And he became a believer, he and all his family. Jesus performed this second miraculous sign when he returned from Judea to Galilee.


The Application


The Christian life is fully animated with the Faith, the Faith that we have in God, the God of goodness. God doesn’t sleep and doesn’t make noise. He does what He has promised and wait patiently that we discover the wonders that He has done to us and by our life of witness that we glorify God. The creation is filled with signs and a man of faith is able to find them out, not only in the Holy Scriptures, in the past and in the tradition, but today, here and now, because God is in action.

This famous centurion can be said as a man of Faith, without knowing Jesus personally, he put all his trust in Jesus, because he believed in what Jesus has said. Thus, it is important, in the light of this story, we should have a sincere examination of conscience. Do we believe in God, in the God of goodness, or waiting for signs from heaven?  

If we put our trust in the Lord, just like this Centurion, we too will be surprised by the events of life that this Lord does take care of us. Jesus has the power of distant healing and this man believed. The Word produces the power, because, the word is filled with power. The faith gives life, because faith is life. As Christians, do we carry in us the Word of God which produces the Power and do we have the faith which gives life?



A Daily Quote for Lent:

Christ our physician is present to bring healing and restoration,

by Gregory the Great, 540-604 A.D.

     "I see only one thing that I need to explain to you: why the one who had come for a cure heard the words 'Unless you see signs and portents, you do not believe.' The one who was seeking a cure for his son surely believed; he would not be seeking a cure from one he did not believe could do it. 
    "Why, then, did he hear the words 'Unless you see signs and portents, you do not believe,' when he believed before he saw the sign? But recall what he was asking, and you will see that his faith was in doubt. He asked Jesus earnestly to come down and heal his son. He was asking for the physical presence of the Lord, who is nowhere absent in his spirit. He had little faith in one he thought could not heal unless he was physically present. If he had believed completely, he would have known that there was no place where God was not present. He was considerably distrustful, then, since it was not the Lord’s greatness he esteemed but his physical presence. He sought a cure for his son even though his faith was in doubt, since he believed that the one he had approached had the power to cure, and yet he thought he was not with his dying son. But the Lord whom he asked to come revealed that he was not absent from the place he was invited to. He who created everything by his will performed the cure by his command alone." 

(excerpt frpm FORTY GOSPEL HOMILIES 28.24)

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