3rd Easter Sunday

Publié le 26 Avril 2020

The path of the disciples of Emmaus is ours, because many of us travel this path daily, in ignorance of the divine presence and its personal accompaniment, totally immerged in our sadness and disappointments. The Gospels present us with many of the movements, the movements of the disciples and also of the Lord. In these movements we discover their interiorities all that dwells in their hearts.


Today we see two exits, one in sadness and the other in joy. It is necessary to look at this exist filled with sadness as well as those of joy. This path of sadness one day will be radically transformed, as a stronger and more nourishing moment, which will make a deep and permanent mark than the return way full of joy.  "Was not our heart burning within us as he spoke to us on the road, and made us understand the Scriptures?   


Yet, we must recognize at that meeting, that heart was totally immersed in his sadness, like Mary Magdalene. In their blindness, they did not recognize him. Since this God walks with us, and in us, we do not feel his presence distinctly or brutally marking his effects in life. He does this in gentleness, accomplishing His works in us. Little by little, He transforms us, removing our sadness from life, like a Mattel refined in the furnace. We need patience and hope.


I invite you to look at Jesus, who is the heart of our Gospel, the hope of these disciples. They put all their hope in Jesus, as the Messiah, the one sent by the Father. Today, all their hope has been dashed and the news is no longer the best that it was yesterday. Here is Jesus coming to them at his best, in all discretion. He comes to join them in their sadness and discouragement. He is no longer in the form of God, or a teacher who speaks to them, is an unknown man, who presents himself in their solitude, who digs into their hearts and hands over the sacred scriptures, reminding them of Moses and the prophets. God has put everything in our hearts.  God continues to accompany us, even if we run away from our daily miseries of life. He will bring us back.


My friends, let us take a little break and let this stranger come in, even if he appears to us to be totally unknown, perhaps useless. Yet, let us open our hearts and let Him participate in our daily lives.  He walks with us without saying anything, without asking for anything. Here is our saviour, standing silently in front of our door, for a word, for a little gesture, for a little glance. Let us dare to say, 'Stay with us Lord'.


In faith this discouragement and desolation is part of our journey towards the Risen One. Just like the first Christian community, in our troubled moments, let us remain faithful to the breaking of the Bread, the heart of our faith. We must know how to leave Emmaus and have the courage to go up to Jerusalem, the heavenly Jerusalem, the sacred place where God gathers us. Faith and hope give us the courage to be witnesses of the resurrection. Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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