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Publié le 25 Mai 2017

The Ascension is the final apparition of the Lord after the resurrection. This moment gives us an assurance and promise, 'I am with you till end of the world', and in this promise He asks each and every one of us to prepare ourselves for this presence and receive it with dignity. It is not the way we would imagine, rather in His own way that we will understand in later days. In this divine promise there is also an universal mission, 'go', don’t remain here, rather spread the perfume of divine presence in this world. Fortunately, we are not sent alone, but with others, together, to witness his resurrection and the story of salvation.

Today, like the disciples, we remember all the post-resurrection apparitions, in which we discover his accompaniment and his teachings. It is important that we read again and again the last words of Jesus, particularly in the gospel of John. These encounters though look simple for us, after 2000 years, however, were difficult for his disciples to understand. The truth of the resurrection and his mystery remained incomprehensible. The gospel of the day makes it clear to us by saying, "When they saw him, they bowed down, but some doubted. " Sadly this doubt persists in our humanity. It is our duty to clear this doubt in the heart of man.

Since the Easter vigil we contemplate in the joy, the resurrection of the Lord and recognize the gift of Life, a new life, the eternal life that God has offered us in his Son. This life in the risen Christ comes with power in heaven and on earth. Through our baptism Jesus has made us possible to participate in this power with the divine mission. We must know how to use this divine power which God has entrusted to us.

Every Sunday gathering is an opportunity to give an account of the fruits of this gift,  for everything we have received from the Lord, and we do it not alone, but with others. That I had done with this power and new life in Christ? And how I had used my life, especially for the unity of the people of God, to make disciples of the Lord and to proclaim His Kingdom?  We must recognize a contemporary reality that our Sunday celebration has become merely a cult and the gathering people is merely a gathering of individuals. It is necessary to come out of our own confinement, and march towards the peripheries of the world.

Even though we are small or weak, we must remember, in the society where women were considered less than an animal, it was a woman who was chosen to announce the resurrection to the disciples. Everything begins in a place of little importance, Galilee, “can anything good can out of Galilee? The more we feel weak, the more we are strengthened by the Lord. I believe that we are well placed to proclaim this Good News. Even in our weaknesses and limitations,  we can make disciples.

May this Ascension Day be a new beginning of life that invites us to become missionaries in the house where we are. Let us announce the Good News and prepare ourselves to welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts. Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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