26th Ordinary Sunday (English)

Publié le 30 Septembre 2018

We live in a world where change is a game of the day. Everything is changing, including our priorities and values. We are witnesses and actively participate in this trajectory. Today's readings help us to discern and prioritize the values we would like to have in our lives.  They invite us to discover divine generosity and to re-read life, an examination of conscience.

Jesus joins Moses in reminding us, "Why this jealousy of divine generosity?  Why do we have a bad thought? Why arrest someone then, he's doing good? So many questions and of course we don't have a convincing answer. Let’s look at today’s reading with an open mind and heart and learn from them to live our daily life in a simple way, keeping in mind the divine will and His generosity.

I invite you to contemplate this theme throughout the week, "openness to the goodness of God" to live this week in a meaningful way.  Even if God invites us to participate in his mission, He is not conditioned by our behaviour, or our response. He is able to assign the same task to two different people at the same time. If he asks us to participate in his mission, it is because he wants his mission to become ours and that by fulfilling his will we discover his kindness and generosity. All, Christians, believers and non-believers are invited to their capacities to discover God and to taste his love.

It is possible, as Joshua and John did, that we may be attracted by the temptation to prevent the works of others that are good and just, in the name of worship, culture, rite etc. We wish that all fall into our thinking pattern and the way we look at life and the world.  It is important as a Christian that we seek evangelical values and learn to give thanks to the Lord for His wonders, without any distinction or condition.

For this reason, the Lord asks us to have an inner look and to discover in ourselves everything that prevents us from moving towards this God who loves us, because He is generous, open and welcoming. Today let us review our life in all sincerity. Let us identify in us the works, words, gestures or looks that are evil and against the divine will. Let us learn to move away from these behaviours that destroy the lives of others. Let us be aware that we are the children of God, the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Let us pray to the Lord, especially in this Eucharist, that our words may be a word of life, that our works may give glory to God and that we may be filled with love and mercy.  Have a wonderful day.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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